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Established in 1995, Smithville Systems offers Computer Sales, Service & Networking, reliable High Speed Wireless Internet access in and around Smithville and Flatonia Texas and Dial-up service nationwide. Website design and hosting is also available through our network.

Cisco wireless equipment and T1 lines enabled us to offer high speed broadband to rural customers well before it gained the recognition or the popularity it enjoys today. Continuing efforts to expand by adding more equipment, towers and technicians has increased our transmission range with added access points.

Smithville Systems through and provides High Speed Wireless Internet Access Service to Smithville, Flatonia, Rosanky, Indian Lake, Lake Thunderbird, Rocky Hill, Alum Creek, Flatonia, Cistern and surrounding areas. Combined with nationwide dial-up access, you can connect anywhere you travel within the US.

We offer the superior, experienced and professional service that only a well established company can provide at a great value for the people and businesses of Smithville and beyond.

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